Join a tour with an Urbanist to explore the bigger picture of the city. Understand the planning, the Architecture, history, and contemporary dynamics. The routs might change as the tours give you a view on what's happening now in the city. as we walk and experience what's going on in the city today.  The tours are a fun, interactive, memorable experience adaptable to any occasion. 

Urban Experiences

  • 90 Minutes of Immersive Experience in The City

    1 hr 30 min

  • Experience the Magnificence of the Sunset

    1 hr

  • Open the day, open your senses.

    1 hr

  • Poetic Awakening with the City

    1 hr


Into The Labirinth

The Central bus station of Tel Aviv is one of the biggest and controversial buildings in Israel. Join a tour who explores the architecture, history, and culture of the place. The tour takes you to a stroll within the 7 floors of the building and includes an extraordinary view of the city's skyline.


Duration: 150 minutes

4 markets 

4 hours

The story of the city's economy and urban transformation via the story of its markets. This trip takes you to a fast stroll between the 4 main markets of Tel Aviv: Hacarmel, Bezalel. Sarona food market and Hatikva market. While passing between the crowded markets, we will pay attention to the different caricature of every market, it's history and role in the City's development.  

The Tower Tour

skyline - the fingerprint of any city is much more than a magnificent image from afar - it offers to sense the story of the city, a wonderful way to review the past, observe the present and contemplate over the future. 

on this skyscraping walk, we shall rise to the highest picks and go down to underground shelters. We will walk along the Rotschild boulevard and see how Tel Aviv re-invented a new Skyline - and a new story. 

Between 2 Cities 

You already know the "nicer" side of Tel Aviv. With its boulevards, towers, gardens, cafe's and fashion, The City tells you a story. In this trip we will move from the city center to it's south, to explore the differences between the two sides. We will enter the central bus station - feel and learn about it's the effect on the situation. The trip will also focus on the socio-political and architectural aspects of the place and the people who live there.  


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